“What does it matter Sarah” Terry Alexander returns as everyone’s favourite saviour. Day of the Dead Flyboy.

Terry Alexander

We are so very delighted to have Day of the Dead’s Flyboy, Terry Alexander join us for next years Weekend of the Dead. Terry was with us back in 2016 and became a true fan favourite interacting with the fans. This time he’ll have the company of Lori to share a few lines with. “What does it matter Sarah”. It’s so great to have so many of the main cast to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Day of the Dead here in the UK. I’m sure all the Day guests will put on a fascinating show and insight into the movie. We will of course be remembering Joe Pilato throughout the whole weekend as well.
So along with Terry Alexander we have Lori Cardille, John Amplas, Mark Tierno and of course Christine Romero’s involvement behind the scenes of that film. Will you be there to see them??
Along with Terrys announcement we will be offering a prize of one autograph and one photo with Terry. If you hold a show ticket up until noon on Halloween you will be included in the draw.
Good luck all you Romero fans.
Tickets available at www.weekendofthedead.uk