Ralph Langer…”Dr Fisher was delicious!!”


Ralph Langer has waited a long time to be part of Weekend of the Dead and now I’m delighted to say officially he is. I’m so pleased to say Ralph will be with us for the next event. If you didn’t already know Ralph was the man behind the footage shot at the Mall on his super 8 camera back when Dawn of the Dead was being filmed. Fans will be treated to a showing of his footage at Weekend of the Dead with Ralph kindly giving us a live commentary of his memories. We aren’t stopping there either. Ralph will be speaking at our Saturday night aftershow exclusively, about his overall memories being on many of George’s movie sets including of course being a zombie in not only Dawn of the Dead, but Day of the Dead and of course the remake of Night of the Living Dead. Ralph will also be bringing his original camera and green shirt he wore on the set of Dawn of the Dead. So make sure you join us next Feb29th-1st March to get the opportunity to meet the man behind the footage behind George’s films.
The Dead are rising in Manchester, will you be among them!!
Tickets available at www.weekendofthedead.uk