Lori Cardille “Sarah” returns to Weekend of the Dead!!

Lori Cardille 2020

Welcome back to Weekend of the Dead 2020 the wonderful and kind hearted Lori Cardille. Lori played Sarah, the main lead female character in Day of the Dead. I don’t know about anyone else but from a personal perspective, I’m thrilled to have Lori return to what is turning out to be a great 35th anniversary Day of the Dead reunion. Lori is the 6th guest announcement so far for Weekend of the Dead 2020. Lori originally came to our 3rd event back in 2017 so it gives us immense pride to be able to bring back a fan favourite. For those of you that missed her last time this is your chance to meet one of the nicest ladies of the Romero family.

Get your chance to hear Lori shout out one of her favourite lines in the movie, in Manchester….”Yes sir, fuck you sir”!!!

Will you be there when the Dead rise again in Manchester!!!!

Get your tickets at www.weekendofthedead.uk