“Jesus, Mary and Joseph”, Jarlath Conroy AKA McDermott is returning to Weekend of the Dead.

jarlath conroy

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph”, the loveable Irishman Jarlath Conroy returns to Weekend of the Dead.

Jarlath is not only Exclusive to Weekend of the Dead here in the U.K. but Europe!!!! You won’t see him or most of our guests anywhere else in the UK or Europe!!.

Fantastic news for fans!! The Survivors of the Dead lineup is now complete. Lori, Terry and now Jarlath make up the 3 remaining characters from Day of the Dead that soak up some sunshine!!…Fans can soak up some atmosphere with all three plus John Amplas, Mark Tierno and Ralph Langer, as Europe’s biggest Day of the Dead lineup ever!! This truly marks the 35th anniversary that Joe Pilato would have been proud of!!!… Jarlath loved being with the European fans so much he’s decided to “do his best to continue to indulge himself in the fight against dry rust and rot”, to join you for a few celebratory drinks here in Manchester once again.

We hope you, the fans are as excited as we are to see our favourite engineer return to the U.K. To celebrate this announcement we will be releasing a very special “Survivors of Day of the Dead” photo shoot with all 3 guests with you. Visit our website www.weekendofthedead.uk for more details.