Christine Forrest ROMERO!!! Yep you heard right!!

Christine Romero 2020

All of us at Weekend of the Dead have all been very excited about this. It’s the news that all Romero fans have been waiting for. 
Christine Forrest Romero will be attending our next event here in Manchester. Yep you heard right!!!

This is such an exciting guest to announce considering she was there with George throughout arguably the most creative period of his life.

The importance of Christine Forrest Romero in the film career of George A. Romero cannot be easily measured. She was a key player as “Christina” in MARTIN, as “Angie” in KNIGHTRIDERS, and as the overbearing nurse, “Maryanne Hodges” in MONKEY SHINES. She also had memorable supporting roles in DAWN OF THE DEAD as the frustrated TV producer, and in CREEPSHOW as a beleaguered party guest during “The Crate” segment.

But in addition to acting, Christine worked behind the scenes in many different capacities on all of Romero’s films, with her duties ranging from Assistant Director and Associate Producer to Casting Director. She stood by George Romero’s side throughout the writing and creation of some of your favorite genre films and surely helped to make them possible in so many ways.

So please give Christine a massive European, Weekend of the Dead welcome to what is shaping up to be one incredible event. In Europe, Christine along with most if not all our guests are exclusive to just us. Weekend of the Dead has earned the right to call itself the biggest European Romero event. Get your tickets now at