Show Tickets on sale right now!!!!!!


The long wait is over and now it’s that time for fans to get behind their favourite European event of the year. Weekend of the Dead have now released all of their Platinum, Gold, Weekend and individual day tickets.

You’ll be pleased to know Weekend of the Dead have not increased prices for entrance into the 2020 event thus giving more money in your pocket to spend on your favourite guest.

Tickets can be found right here under the shop/tickets section of the website so make sure you grab yours. We have a very limited amount of Platinum and Gold tickets along with limited numbers for both Saturday and Sunday. Please remember all Platinum and Gold ticket holders get automatic entrance to the extremely popular and much sort after after show tickets. News on after show tickets will be released as soon as we have them.

Once again without you the fans this show would be nothing so a massive thank you to all of you. No matter if this is your 1st or your 5th event with us we are grateful to you all.

The Dead are rising once again in Manchester…..are you ready!!!!