He’s coming to get you Weekend of the Dead 2020!!

russ streiner 2020

Weekend of the Dead are proud to announce the return of none other than Mr Russ Streiner aka Johnny. 
Russ will be “coming to get you” in Manchester next February 29th to March 1st 2020 so make sure you have plenty of candy!!
Some of you may not know but Russ also played the Sheriff at the end of the NOTLD 90 so not only do you need to get those Night 68 items signed, you also need to make sure you dig your Night 90 items out too!!
Russ’s wife Ramona will be with him spreading the word and hard work that goes into the George Romero foundation. 
I know for a fact that Russ is extremely thrilled to be coming back to see the European fans. So if you missed him first time around then this is your chance to meet the man himself. 
Please give a very warm WOTD welcome to Russ.