Weekend of the Dead 2018 review.


I can’t believe it’s been nearly 10 weeks since the curtain came down on our 4th event for Weekend of the Dead, where has the time gone!!

After dusting ourselves down and gaining some much needed rest what did we and more importantly you the fans, think of the latest instalment in the Dead weekend series. Well here goes….

Looking back now I can see from a personal point of view how thrilled I was to be able to bring to the European and in fact Worldwide fans not 10 but 13 fantastic Romero guests. As the photo below shows, the Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary reunion in Manchester was attended by 8 brilliant guests, which included 3 first time ever attendees to a UK event like ours. Night of the Living Dead 1968, 50th Anniversary  was also celebrated and remembered by the lovely Judith Ridley. Originally Judith was to be accompanied by the wonderful Gary Streiner who sadly had an unfortunate fall just one week before the event. I’m glad to say Gary is well on his way to a full recovery after knee surgery so best wishes Gary from all of us.

Day of the Dead has always had a great lineup at WOTD starting from 2016 to the most recent show. This years wonderful lineup included arguably the most iconic Zombie of all time Howard Sherman (BUB). WOTD also brought you another first which was a lineup of 3 guests for Night of the Living Dead 1990, Tom Savini, Patricia Tallman and the very funny, loveable William Butler.

A new larger venue replaced the 235 Casino which held the previous two events in 2016 and 2017. Nearly every single review read by us about the new venue was positive, with folks saying how much they enjoyed the Pendulum Hotel especially the separate interview room which was able to hold up to 250 people. Others did however reminisce how much they loved the atmosphere of the Casino however it was very apparent to us we had outgrown that venue.

Weekend of the Dead can now boast that 29 different Romero guests over the 4 events have attended, who between them had worked on almost every Romero project there has ever been. 2018 broke our own record of having the most Romero guests at an European event ever.

Lily Usher wrote- “I’m completely passionate about this group/event. From my heart thank you. I have met new friends, hugged old friends, this is a family. All the hard work must be at times heartstopping and draining. This was an epic event, thank you all, you can always count on my support”. 

Lindsay Swan wrote- “What a great weekend!! Thank you everyone for all the hard work that you put into making this happen”.

So on reflection I can conclude that WOTD 2018 was a resounding success with Guests and Fans alike singing our praises. Of course there are always opportunities to improve however the whole WOTD team can rightly be proud of the work and effort that went into making the event a reality. It is no easy feat to put together an event like this on such a large scale but together we did it.

Happy 2019 to all you wonderful Romero fans.