9.30am Platinum and Gold ticket entry.
10am general admission
10.30am Creepshow Fluffy photoshoot
10.45am NOTLD Panel 40mins approx
11.30am Door of the Dead photoshoot plus individual.
Noon Day of the Dead panel 45mins approx
12.50pm Two Heads, Helmets and heads, Coats and Chains and You remember photo ops.
2pm Creepshow 40th anniversary panel. 30mins
2.30pm Wall of hands photo op.
3.15pm Dawn of the Dead panel 50mins approx
4.10pm Bikers of the Dead photo op
4.30pm Blood pressure photo op.
4.45pm GARF George Romero’s legacy panel. 30mins approx.
5.15pm any missed photo ops with prior arrangement.
6pm. Doors close.