scott reiniger 2020

“I’m gonna try not to.. come back”, “I’m gonna try… not to”

jarlath conroy

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph”, Jarlath Conroy AKA McDermott is returning to Weekend of the Dead.


Ralph Langer…”Dr Fisher was delicious!!”

Terry Alexander

“What does it matter Sarah” Terry Alexander returns as everyone’s favourite saviour. Day of the Dead Flyboy.

Lori Cardille 2020

Lori Cardille “Sarah” returns to Weekend of the Dead!!

Christine Romero 2020

Christine Forrest ROMERO!!! Yep you heard right!!

The Master of Horror Art returns to Weekend of the Dead!!!

John Russo

Living Legend John Russo joins the Weekend of the Dead Family for 2020.


Show Tickets on sale right now!!!!!!

russ streiner 2020

He’s coming to get you Weekend of the Dead 2020!!