Saturday Schedule

Please note these details are just a rough outline and will be subject to change. Please check back here on a regular basis to see if any changes have been made.

2020 Weekend of the Dead running order to be confirmed.
(Subject to possible changes)

Our running order for both days.
Times and orders may change slightly but normally we stick to it.

9.30 Platinum and Gold entrance.
10.00 general admission
10.45 Martin panel. Christine and John 30mins
11.20 photo John and Christine or individual
11.30 Night panel Russo and Russ 40mins
12.15 Russo and Russ Photos
12.30. The Romero experience. Christine 40mins
1.50-2.20pm Ralph Langer talks about his Dawn of the Dead behind the scenes video.
2.30 Day of the Dead panel. John, Lori, Terry, Mark and Ralph. 50mins
3.30 Day photos including Beeftreats and wall of hands.
4.15 Dawn of the Dead panel Christine, John and Ralph. 40mins
5pm Dawn photos plus any missed group photos
6pm doors close.